Anthropology of Diversity Equity & Inclusion

"Everyone deserves the chance to shine!"

Our Mission

Welcome to ADEI, an Anthropological initiative to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion(DEI) among the youth. We use Anthropological strategies for unearthing the stories of diverse cultures - DEI becomes not just textbook principles, but the very tools to unlock a deeper understanding of ourselves. Our mission is to raise awareness through blogs.

Group of Diverse Hands Together Joining Concept.

Archived blog posts

Biodiversity:  From year 2022


Our Initiatives

Indian statues protecting the temple

Cultural Impact Research

Study the traditions and lifestyles of different cultures

Historical Site Preservation

Historical Site Preservation

Support the local museums in preserving the cultural artifacts

Maraca, an indigenous instrument of power

Community Engagement

Empower the youth for raising the awareness for equity

Ethnographic Field Studies

Ethnographic Field Studies

Involve in field schools for learning about different  societies

About Us

ADEI Advocates is an Anthropological initiative started by David Sam, an Anthropology Enthusiast trying to apply Anthropological concepts for spreading the awareness for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. As the DEI Advocates, we unearth the stories of diverse communities around the globe from the past, present, and even future!  For us, diversity, equity, and inclusion aren't just abstract concepts , but are the tools we use to build a more complete picture of humanity. Through this initiative, we unlock the opportunities for possible innovation and progress that a truly inclusive society holds..

Archaeological site at Marcahuasi.

Join us in creating an inclusive community for all.